Lexington History Museum

210 North Broadway, Lexington, KY 40507

Originally established in 1998, the Lexington History Museum - now known as LexHistory, is dedicated to telling the stories of Lexington's rich heritage. Located in the historic Thomas Hunt Morgan House, the museum features exhibits pertaining to Lexington's history.

Group Tour
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  • Length of Tour: 1 Hour
  • Self-Guided Tours:
  • Price Range $-$$$$: $$$$
  • Wheel the World:
Attraction Accessibility
  • Attraction Entrance: 4 steps with ramp to enter. Exhibition area is step-free and clear of obstacles
  • Neurodivergent Assistance:
    • Service Animals
  • Mobility Assistance:
    • Seating Available
    • Accessible Public Restroom
  • Visual Impairment Assistance:
    • Tactile Materials
    • Human Guide
    • Large Print
  • Wheel the World: Link
Hotel Information
  • Year Opened: 2003
Info for Tour Leaders
  • Group Rate:
Accessibility in Hotels
  • Impaired Mobility:
  • Vision Impairment:
  • Impaired Hearing:

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