Lexington city skyline lit up for nighttime as the sun sets. The sky is blue and pink.

Meet Lexington, Kentucky


Don’t Take Our Word For It—Listen to These Folks

"Lexington truly rolled out the red carpet for us! I felt as though I was truly wanted there and you left no stone unturned! The Central Bank Center was phenomenal. The food was incredible and the meeting space had tons of natural light which I always look for." -Loretta Grissom, Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists 

"Lexington was one of the best, if not best, city I have visited. There is so much to do and very walkable. The distance to/from the airport - excellent. I would recommend Lexington not only for corporate meetings but also reunions, vacations, or just a weekend getaway for some down time." -Martha Bogan, Cox Automotive

"If you are looking to bring an event to a city that will meet the needs of your event and cater to the experience of your participants, Lexington is a no-brainer. Incredible event and sports facilities combined with top-tier dining and entertainment options will ensure that every group has a once-in-a-lifetime experience." -Byron Hicks, USA Ultimate

"I attended a Lexington FAM in Spring 2024. I have to say the professionalism from the VisitLEX CVB was outstanding. From the limo SUV pickup at the airport to the days spent touring facilities and tasting the food and beverage, the experience was A+++. If you are looking to source your next meeting at an up-and-coming Kentucky destination, please consider Lexington." -Perry Garner, National Farmers Organization

"Lexington has been in our 'backyard' but I was able to really see it with a new lens. I have two clients that I think would be a great fit and have already suggested it to leadership! This would not have been done without the FAM visit. Must appreciation to the VisitLEX team for hosting this fantastic opportunity!" -Rebecca Bruce, AMR Management Services

"VisitLEX did a fabulous job with the FAM event I attended. They were able to incorporate hotels, convention center, and unique venues for us to tour - win, win for all. I learned so much about Lexington and have shared with my team and customer. The staff of VisitLEX are just amazing, you know how to conduct a FAM and keep us entertained and laughing. You ALL are so sweet and nice!" -Lori Short, Maritz Global Events

"I want to take my hat off to the entire VisitLEX team. Being on this team really makes you feel like you are at a Southern family reunion. I pray God's blessing and favor on this entire staff! Hope to see you all again." -Develron Walker, MTG Creative Solutions

"Mission accomplished on this program!! Had minimal intel on the area which made it challenging to pitch to a client. The FAM ticked all the boxes - had an opportunity to experience airport transfers, hotels, venues, and F&B - it was awesome and so glad I went. A very big thank you for the opportunity to attend." -Brenda McAuley, Maritz Global Events

"Your team is just so warm you may just boil over. Thank you for your kindness, patience, and for bringing the fun! I'm not sure that any words can truly explain how grateful I am for your generosity. Not only were the meals and events an experience of a lifetime but the time that your entire team shared with us was such a gift. It's rare to connect with nine members of a team after three days together. You are exceptional people!" -Deborah Cartwright, HelmsBriscoe

"I can confidently say that Lexington is a top-notch destination for meetings and gatherings. Whether you're planning a corporate conference, a convention, or any event that requires the right mix of amenities, hospitality, and culture, Lexington should be at the top of your list. I look forward to the opportunity to return to this wonderful city for future meetings and to explore even more of what it has to offer." - Lavita Miller, Jewell Global Meetings & Conference LLC

"VisitLEX was an outstanding partner to host the 2023 Midwest BGLTA College Conference. They rolled out the blue carpet to make sure our staff and attendees felt welcomed and supported. I cannot recommend VisitLEX enough!" -Justin Drwencke, Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Asexual College Conference

"Thanks for everything you all did to make it possible for us to bring the KYSHRM Conference to Lexington! Not only did VisitLEX put the hard work into attracting the KYSHRM Conference to Lexington, but they also provided the follow-through to ensure our event was a success!" -Sarah Cathey, Kentucky Chamber of Commerce

"Everyone was absolutely charmed by Lexington! The welcome bags and pamphlets provided by VisitLEX were a hit and we had multiple people utilize the guides to make plans and get out in the city. The NCPO Board raved about the welcome sign provided - it was such a nice touch for our guests. VisitLEX was truly invaluable and made planning this even much smoother." -Ashleigh Bailey, NCPO Workshop

"When choosing a place for our travel company's first destination sales meeting post-pandemic, we knew that we needed to kick off with a location that would inspire, excite, and drive our team to have confidence in selling the travel we all love again. If you are looking for stunning, lush landscape, powerful spirits, and a warm community? Look no further than Lexington, Kentucky. The local farms and countryside are some of the most beautiful spaces we have ever seen, but moreover, the pride of the locals in the area adds another layer of joy and storied history that really makes the region special. VisitLEX and all of the vendors we worked with in Kentucky truly made this a perfect experience! From Keeneland to private farms, delicious and strong distilleries to the lively local bluegrass music - every moment was memorable and inspired our team to come back again. Our Sales team had heard Kentucky was a nice destination - after this experience in Lexington and beyond, we have direct feedback that it is one of the greatest US destinations that they cannot wait to tell all our clients to book!" - Lauren Grossman, Collette Global Sales 

"Lexington has a great presence in terms of a destination, unique attractions, and a pretty downtown. The city has taken huge leaps forward in the past 15-20 years. Your downtown Lexington hospitality crew did a super job of our 2022 Annual Convention and the new Central Bank Center is an outstanding venue." -Matt Chaliff, KY Association FFA 

"The Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML), an auxiliary of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod, had the wonderful pleasure of hosting their biennial convention in Lexington, Kentucky, in June of 2021. Planning for this convention begins several years in advance. Almost 500 miles away from this venue, I relied on VisitLEX's word and expediency and they did not disappoint. They were always prompt with answers and also added wonderful suggestions that enhanced our participant’s experience. Summarizing our experience, I would enthusiastically recommend our organization return to Lexington."  - Shelley Moeller, Lutheran Women's Missionary League

"The brand new Central Bank Center and Rupp Arena are exceptional facilities to accommodate groups of any size and are easily navigable within downtown Lexington. The support and partnership with the Central Bank Center and VisitLEX were invaluable through the planning process and helped facilitate a safe and successful in-person event! If you are looking for a centrally located destination with a vibrant downtown, superior facilities and supportive hospitality community, do not overlook Lexington. It is truly a gem!"  - Alissa Bush, Arrowhead

"Lexington is the perfect University City to visit, live, or work. With the innovative and transformative power of the University of Kentucky at the heart of its downtown, our city is a hub for exploring new ideas, creating dynamic community, and enjoying all that the Bluegrass State has to offer." - Lance Poston, University of Kentucky - Institutional Diversity

"As one who travels across the world, I always extend the invitation for people to visit Lexington, KY! The people of Lexington exhibit Southern Hospitality at its finest - and this is exactly why people only accept my invitation but come back year after year to visit." - Father Jim Sichko, Roman Catholic Diocese of Lexington

"I am a proud central Kentucky native and lifelong resident who has helped plan and host meetings and conferences of all sizes in Lexington - from small executive board meetings to national conferences with hundreds of attendees. It's always so special to see people who've never been to Kentucky or visited Lexington have their eyes opened to what an exciting, beautiful, and hospitable place we call home. There's so much to experience here that you truly can't get anywhere else, and we love to share it with the world." - Jen Rogers, Markey Cancer Center

"When I hosted my association meeting in 2017 in Lexington, we had the highest attendance to date, and I still get comments about it being their favorite meeting! Convenience of our offerings, the beauty of our place, and the service of our people are what make a memorable meeting for our guests!" - Erin McElwain, University of Kentucky Healthcare

"As a meeting planner for national and international organizations,  I’m accustomed to holding conventions in first tier cities.  Due to local interest in the medical arena, we took a chance and hosted an annual convention in Lexington.  Our attendees were thrilled with the area, the city and the facilities and have asked to make Lexington a permanent rotation for their annual convention.  Lexington is truly a world class destination with many outstanding restaurants and attractions.  I would recommend Lexington to anyone planning a national or international convention." - Brian Doty, Agentis Management

"If planning an event in Lexington, I encourage contacting the VisitLEX team. These local experts can assist in getting you connected with resources and share suggestions for best options tailored to your group." - Anita Washburn, CMP, Dairy Farmers of America

"[We] enjoyed Lexington very much. Friendly area with a great deal to offer. Very good experience with a lot of positive feedback from everyone." - John Nist, Atlantic Corvette Caravan

"VisitLex representatives are extremely knowledgeable in events services and go out of their way to offer assistance to our needs to ensure we have a great event that runs smoothly. They have a keen familiarity with Lexington businesses to refer our attendees to in their down time, their service and professionalism are superb, and their expertise in event planning makes them an invaluable resource in the Bluegrass. " - Ericka Cole, Kentucky Firefighters Association

"I have hosted professional meetings in Lexington for over 30 years, from as few as 10 to as many as 300 people. Whether the audience is local, state, regional, or national - there's something for everyone in our city! The size and location provide great value for budget-conscious meeting planners, and the climate offers year-round accessibility. Skip the big cities with their big price tags and come enjoy Lexington's gracious hospitality!" - Cheri Tolle, University of Kentucky Healthcare

"Lexington is a gem of a city in the heart of Kentucky. It is jammed packed full of fun places to dine and many unique places to visit." - Gay Sills, HelmsBriscoe

"...what a better place than the “Athens of the West”-Lexington, KY? I believe the reasons Lexington was so successful is our strong network of hospital support across the Commonwealth with KHA, the Lexington business community, the support of VisitLEX, value/cost to our membership,  and like every real-estate agent will tell you: location, location, location! Lexington, KY is easy to get to: a day’s travel to anywhere in the US and you just can’t beat it, period." - Jeff Johnson. Society for Healthcare Volunteer Leaders

"Lexington ... green fields, fences, horses and bourbon; yes that is what you can expect from Lexington. There is also undeniable hospitality, a large selection of hotels and off site venues , a quaint downtown, and history galore all wrapped up in modern amenities." - Jennifer Rush, National Academic Advising Association

"What could you possibly be looking for that isn't here? Rich Southern history and traditions wrap around a modern progressive city for an experience like no other. The scent of bourbon infuses this town of horse racing and relaxed yet elegant dining. Green pastures abound and offer that ahhh moment every traveler needs. It's all here. I'm sold! " - Donna Thompson. Tennessee Concrete Association

"I found Lexington a city that has all the necessities to host both small and large groups . The services, community events, historical locations and local culture make a visit during any time of the year outstanding." - Lemuel Berry, National Association of African American Studies

"...Hotel was fantastic, restaurants downtown are wonderful, and the excursion locations were perfect..... Lexington is such a great location and accessible to all parts of the United States: it made travel to the convention very easy." - Cody Birdwell, American Bandmasters Association

"Everyone loved the meeting, and many of our guests explored the city during their down time. I attribute that to the resources we were able to provide them via VisitLEX."  - Elizabeth Adams, American Association of Petroleum Geologists

"I moved from Boston to Lexington in 2004 to work at the University of Kentucky. Lexington is a wonderful community to work and live. I am president of an international scientific society  and am planning to host our society's annual meeting in Lexington in September 2021. We're going to feature the horse as a model to study pigmentation and to discuss equine melanoma that affects gray horses. VisitLEX was instrumental in helping me to decide to bring the conference to the Bluegrass." - Dr. John D'Orazio, Pan American Society of Pigment Cell Research

"Lexington is a hidden gem. It has a small town feel with a BIG impact. Again, can't say enough other than - go see this bucket list venue! You will be pleasantly surprised!" - Rich Caballero, MWI Veterinary Supply, INC

"Lexington is the perfect blend of big city amenities and small town hospitality. From sporting facilities to hotels to unique venues, Lexington has it all. I am constantly amazed by its charm and ever evolving downtown...Our Annual Meeting used to rotate locations, but we've decided to stay for five consecutive years. There's no need to go elsewhere." - Ilse Dehner, US Equestrian Federation 

"We couldn't have been as successful without the VisitLEX team! Amazing! Attention to detail, friendliness, and willingness to go the extra mile! Thank you!" - Diane Snow, National Neurotrauma Society 

"Lexington has hosted our State FFA Convention for the past seven years. From our first site selection visit until today, the level of service and attention to detail by the Lexington hospitality community has been amazing." - Matt Chaliff, Kentucky Association FFA

"The city welcomed us with open arms." - Nick Harrison, Buffalo Soldier Motorcycle Club

"By far, the greatest compliment we received [from attendees] was how nice, professional and organized everyone in Lexington was - from meeting organizers to hotel staff to bus drivers. It speaks volumes about how small kindnesses and an easy smile make a difference in the experiences of our guests." - Terry Keys, UK Markey Cancer Center