Men and women standing in front of LEX sign at the Lexington Visitors Center

Lexington, Kentucky

Lex For Good

Making Lexington a better place for all. 

The Lex for Good initiative partners with local businesses to improve and amplify their sustainability and accessibility initiatives. Because we want everyone to enjoy all that Lexington has to offer.

Lex For Good logo


Plan earth-friendly activities and meetings in Lexington, find local businesses with sustainable practices, and learn how you can make your own business better for the planet.


Find area businesses that offer accommodations to those with disabilities like impaired mobility, impaired vision, impaired hearing, and neurodivergence—plus resources for hosting more accessible meetings.

Learn and grow with us.

If you’re visiting Lexington and have questions or suggestions on accessibility or sustainability, please contact us at or (859) 233-7299.

If you’re a local business owner, organization, or individual interested in joining us in our mission to make Lexington as welcoming as it can be, you can also contact us at or (859) 233-7299.