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Lexington, Kentucky

Safety & Affordability

A City Where You & Your Wallet Can Relax

Lexington is the place to sip a glass of bourbon, savor an unforgettable meal, enjoy the comfort of our hotels, and explore the vibrant bars, events, and convention centers of downtown—all within walking distance of one another. Most importantly, it’s a place where you can do all of those things, day or night, while feeling safe and without breaking the bank.

Lexington Is Affordable

Compared to nearby cities, Lexington has the most affordable daily cost by 15%, with visitors saving an average of $44 per day.

Average Total Daily Cost

When considering meal, parking, hotel, and transportation costs, Lexington is the most affordable on average compared to nearby cities.

average daily total cost

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Average Hotel Price

Lexington has the third most affordable hotel cost by 16% compared to nearby cities. On average, visitors save $24 per night.

Average Meal Cost Per Day

On average, visitors save $15 per day by choosing Lexington, as it has the most affordable meal price by 17% compared to nearby cities.

Average Daily Car Rental Price

Compared to nearby cities, Lexington has the second most affordable rental car cost by 14%. On average, visitors save $6 per day by choosing Lexington.

Average Parking Costs

Lexington has the most affordable hotel parking cost compared to nearby cities by 113%. On average, visitors save $17 per day.

Compared to those same cities, Lexington also has the most affordable cost of street parking per hour by 95%, with visitors saving an average $1.42 an hour.

Group of friends at Lexington Pride festival.

Lexington Is Safe & Inclusive

One of the things you’ll love most about Lexington is the peace of mind you’ll feel here. Not only do we have a low crime rate, but we’re home to a diverse community that embraces and welcomes people from all different walks of life—meaning the most stressful part of your trip will be deciding what to pack.

Safety Index

Safety Index

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The Safety Index is a measure that takes into account crime rates, natural disasters, and other factors to assess the overall safety of a city. Lexington’s score shows that it is considered a very safe city, especially when compared to other metropolitan areas and nearby cities.


Lexington also seeks to advance equity for those facing financial hardships through local organizations like Lex End Homelessness, which coordinates with human service providers, community leaders, policymakers, funding agencies, and people all across Lexington to provide housing, shelter, and other essential services to people experiencing homelessness.


Lexington has been recognized amongst the best in the nation for equality—ranking amongst the top 4 percent of municipalities nationwide for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality according to the Human Rights Campaign.