Plates of food

Lexington, Kentucky


The Tasty-est

Lexington is a feast for the senses with a culinary scene that’s a sight to behold. Farm-to-table before it was cool, Lexington’s local farms have been supplying our eclectic independent restaurants with the finest ingredients for ages. New cafés, bakeries, bistros, food tours, and other eateries pop up every day. Here’s a look at the latest.

New Restaurants

New Restaurants

Breakfast, Brunch & Bakeries

A breakfast of eggs, potatoes, yogurt and orange juice

Casual Dining

A hotdog from Boonedogs paired with a Country Boy Key Lime beer

Coffee, Juiceries & Tea

Coffee being enjoyed with a large cookie

Fine Dining

Ahi Tuna from Epping's on Eastside

Sweet Treats

Ice Cream Cone in Hand