Craft Beer in Central Kentucky

True: we are known as the birthplace of bourbon. But we are home to master brewers as well as master distillers! Craft breweries are now scattered across Kentucky, and more and more thirsty travelers are seeking out small craft brewers and locally-made beers in addition to sampling our classic bourbons.

The Brewgrass Trail is dedicated to showcasing the craft breweries in our area. Pick up a Brewgrass Trail Passport at any of the breweries listed below, or at our Visitors Center. After you collect a stamp from six breweries of your choice, drop off or mail complete passports to the Lexington Visitors Center or any participating Brewgrass Trail brewery. Your souvenir passport will be mailed back to you along with your t-shirt. Once you receive your passport back, you can complete the rest of the stops on the trail and choose from either a Brewgrass Trail ball cap, a Brewgrass Trail beanie, or two Brewgrass Trail pint glasses.

Want to know the events happening at the breweries including tastings, special offerings, new beers, and food trucks? Check out


We are pleased to welcome four new breweries/brands to the trail:
Brewer Dude in Lexington
Goodwood Brewing in Lexington plus a location in Frankfort
The Void Sake Co, the state’s first sake brewery
Maiden City Brewing in Cynthiana

Ethereal Brewing also has two new stops on the trail:
Ethereal Brewing Public House
Ethereal Brewing at Cornerstone

Rooster Brewing in Paris has closed. 

Check out all of these locations and more while enjoying the Brewgrass Trail!


Craft Brewery Tours

Bartender Pouring Beer


Creaux Bar - Bourbon

College Bars

Roof top bar, Belle, filled with patrons enjoying drinks as the sun goes down behind the city skyline.