A Retro Hotel Experience Inspired by The Queen’s Gambit

We’ve partnered with 21c Museum Hotel to bring the stylish mid-century appeal of The Queen’s Gambit—the hit Netflix series set in Lexington—into the present day with a meticulously designed boutique hotel experience inspired by the show and its pause-worthy retro interiors.

The Design 

The Harmon Room is a time capsule of American mid-century modern design replete with vintage accessories, nods to the show’s most memorable moments and characters, and period furniture from private collectors and local retailers.

Custom flourishes, like chess-themed wallpaper created especially for the room, add to the mod magic. 

The Harmon Room’s centerpiece is an artistic recreation of Beth Harmon’s drug-induced hallucinations: a larger-than-life chessboard installation suspended from the ceiling above the bed.




The Team

Bringing The Harmon Room to life was a group effort from start to finish, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the generous contributions of Lexington’s talented creative community. Here’s everyone that pitched in to make this exciting project a reality in record time. 

21c Museum Hotel
Isabel Ladd Interiors
Lucy Jones
Ferrick Mason Inc.
Black Swan Books
Honeysage Photo Co.


Queen's Gambit guide to Lexington photo montage.

Plan Your Stay

Walter Tevis, the author of the 1983 novel upon which the show is based, was a longtime Lexington resident and his experiences in the Bluegrass helped shape the narrative of its troubled chess prodigy protagonist, Beth Harmon. While The Queen’s Gambit may not have been filmed here, there are plenty of real places featured. So as you plan your Queen’s-Gambit-inspired trip to Lexington, here’s a helpful guide to places that’ll sound familiar—and a few new experiences you’ll love.