Tacos, a Salad and a Donut

Where to Eat in Lexington

Lex Eat Carryout

Ready for a Challenge?

This winter, Lexington restaurants are going to need your help. While we all do our part to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s also incredibly important that we, as a community, show up and support our favorite restaurants and local establishments.

Here’s our challenge to you: make a commitment to order takeout or go out to eat at least once a week. Want to up the ante? Share your meals on social media using #LEXEatCarryout, tag your friends and challenge them to order carryout as well. We’ve compiled a list of restaurants offering curbside carryout below.

If we come together to show our local restaurants that kind of support, Lexington can continue to be the vibrant, growing city that we know and love.


Let's get Lexington's restaurants poppin' again! #LEXEatCarryout

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More Ways to Help 

Here are some more pro-tips for the best ways to support local restaurants.

Choose Pick Up Over Delivery: There are lots of delivery services, but most of them charge restaurants a fee. Skipping delivery services like DoorDash or Grubhub means more money coming into local restaurants.

Don’t Forget to Tip: Remember, waiters are hurting too. Limited or no seating means they can’t rely on their normal tips to make ends meet. Be sure to tip and tip big, even if you’re just picking it up.

Take Advantage of Outdoor Seating: Many restaurants have added outdoor seating, tents and heaters. Grab a jacket or a coat and go out to eat.

Order a Drink or Two: If you do go out to eat, be sure to order drinks. Liquor sales are incredibly important for a restaurant or bar’s profitability.

Buy Gift Cards: Think of it like an investment in the future of your favorite restaurants. Gift cards provide an immediate cash flow for restaurants, and it gives you a reason to visit in person later.

Be Nice: We’re all doing our best to make it through this. Spread a little kindness when you go out to eat or call in your orders.

Support Bakers, Butchers & Farmers: Without being able to provide as much of their Kentucky Proud goods to local restaurants, it’s important to support these local bakeries, butchers and farmers whenever you can. Shop at places like Wilson’s Grocery, Critchfield’s or the Farmers Market.

Order Catering: You don’t have to host an event to support local caterers. In fact, many of them are offering smaller portioned heat-and-eat family meals or grab-and-go lunches.

What’s for Dinner?

Need a little help deciding where to eat? Just hit that button and see where fate takes you!