Are you tired of Zoom conferences with humans yet? Sick of seeing your coworkers’ living rooms? Just need a change of scenery that you can technically clock as a “meeting”?

VisitLEX gets it. Here in Lexington, any day we get to see a horse is a good day. So we’re sharing some of that goodness as we host a Zoom conference with a horse, broadcast live from a horse farm here in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky. (We’ve even made some Lexington Zoom backgrounds for you--download them here.)

When: Thursday, April 9th at 1 PM ET

Where: Mill Ridge Farm, and your work-from-home setup, via this Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 302 558 2015
Password: horsezoom

Who: 100 lucky human attendees--first come, first Zoomed--plus at least one horse.

Why: Because we all need a distraction right now. Plus, you know, horses. 

Many thanks to our friends at Horse Country, who are offering plenty of other virtual equine experiences right now. Check out their schedule and tune in to see more of the Horse Capital of the World! 

Want to make sure you don’t forget? We can send you an email reminder on Thursday.


Horse shaking it's head on a Zoom Conference screen.

Two horses on camera for a Zoom Conference call.