Lexington is known primarily for bourbon and horses, but in recent years the art scene here has flourished. With new art galleries and murals popping up left and right, Lexington has become one of the best spots in the South to find a vibrant work of art.

We reached out to Joelle Riding, a full-time travel blogger, to get her take on the booming street art that’s taking over Lexington. As a travel blogger who relies on great pictures to post for her followers, we wanted to see which murals she considers to be the most “Instagrammable.”

Whenever I travel to a new city, the first thing I go out to find is street art. There is something about street art that completely captivates me. The level of talent, the ideas and symbols in each piece. It simply blows my mind that an artist was able to transfer an idea in their head into a large-scale mural. Lexington has upped its mural game in the past few years with the help of PRHBTN, which brings artists from all over the world to create mural works in different spots throughout the city. If you’re visiting Lexington, get ready to see some incredible pieces. Although there are countless to choose from, below are my top 10 picks of street art you should check out while you’re here.


Shop Local

212 Woodland Ave


Three Elements: Water, Earth, Air

Artist: Key Detail & Yu Baba

227 North Limestone


Third Street Stuff

257 North Limestone



Artist: Odeith

185 Elm Tree Lane


My Name Is MO

Artist: MTO

1200 Manchester Street


Kentucky Life

131 Church Street



Artist: Eduardo Kobra

Back wall of the Kentucky Theater. Visible from Vine St.


Buy The Ticket Take The Ride

Artist: Xylene

375 Thompson Road


Lily and the Silly Monkeys

Artist: Herakut

156 Market Street


Hive Salon

156 Deweese Street

I love Lexington and the city it has become in the last few years. And a big part of that is due to the amazing art that has popped up on walls all over the city. Whether you are here for a visit or making the move to Lexington, you and your Instagram are in for a treat.

Check out PRHBTN’s website for an updated list of murals and be sure to take a look at the Street Art Guide to learn more about each.