Make the most of your trip to Buffalo Trace Distillery by spending the entire weekend exploring more of what the Bluegrass has to offer. Delve into the world of bourbon through your Buffalo Trace Bourbon Beginners Tour, while also immersing yourself into Lexington's diverse culture. Not only are we known for our many bourbon bars, but Lexington has become a regional hub renowned for its cuisine, shopping, and vibrant nightlife. We've lined up some local experiences just for you and your Bourbon Beginners Weekend Experience—cheers!


Stir Things Up With Lexington’s Best Cocktails

You probably learned a thing or two about ordering bourbon that you'd like to put into practice—such as new bourbon terms that may have been added to your vocabulary. Lexington’s thriving and diverse cocktail scene is only continuing to grow, with craft mixologists jumping at the chance to experiment with locally-made spirits. Modern cocktail bars like Ona, whose efforts have earned them national recognition, have ambitious libations that extend far beyond bourbon. Ask them about their favorite Buffalo Trace pours and/or cocktails. 

Book Your Stay & Enjoy Expansive Bourbon Selections 

Both the Rackhouse Tavern at Campbell House and Lockbox at  21c boast bourbon selections you can't find anywhere else.You can't go wrong with either place to lay your head for the night. Test all of your new bourbon knowledge with sips at either hotel bar and restaurant. Chat with the bartenders, they can help guide you with their favorite Buffalo Trace pour or bourbon cocktail. 


Get Up Close and Personal at a Horse Farm

Few things in life are as special as the bond between people and animals. When you visit one of Kentucky’s many horse farms, such as Mill Ridge Farm, you have the opportunity to get a firsthand look at the beautiful creatures in the Horse Capital of the World. Click here to find easy ways to book an unforgettable equine experience with Visit Horse Country.


Enjoy A Feast for the Senses

Lexington has a flavor all its own. Local farms fuel an expansive culinary scene that’s as imaginative as it is delicious. Here you’ll find a number of restaurantscafésbakeries, and bistros serving eclectic fare and fresh takes on Southern classics. Be sure to visit OBC Kitchen—who boasts more than 300 rare and domestic bourbons, and their chef-focused artisanal menu is full of high-quality, distinctive ingredients and Southern-style dishes.


Explore Lexington on a Bites of the Bluegrass Tour

Lexington is the perfect mix of new and old, simultaneously having a small town feel and big city vibes. Book your experience for one of Bites of the Bluegrass Food Tours - you and your tastebuds won't be disappointed. After you complete your tour, there’s a plethora of shops, street art, restaurants, and sights to see, all within an easy-to-walk distance. And if nightlife is more your speed, there’s bars, clubs, and plenty of spots that’d make the perfect date night.

Bites of the Bluegrass

Bites of the Bluegrass

East End Tour


Distillery District Tour

Distillery District Tour

Experience the LexHistory Museum 

Established in 1998, the Lexington History Museum—now LexHistory—is dedicated to telling the stories of Lexington's rich heritage. There is no better way to immerse yourself in local culture like exploring Lexington's very own history museum.