Recent UFO revelations and advances in deep space imaging have fueled the belief that we humans are not alone in the universe. So VisitLEX and a team of Lexington scientists and scholars used an infrared laser to beam a coded invitation toward potential extraterrestrial travelers in the TRAPPIST-1 solar system 40 light years away. The message was sent from the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky. So far, no unusual activity has been reported in the skies above Lexington.

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Until our message reaches its interstellar destination

An image of downtown Lexington, Kentucky skyline at dusk.


Aliens, if you’re out there, greetings! This is your guide to experiencing the Horse Capital of the Galaxy. We think it’s well worth the 235 trillion-mile trip.


Aliens, if you’re out there, greetings! This is your guide to experiencing the Horse Capital of the Galaxy. We think it’s well worth the 235 trillion-mile trip.


The first thing you’ll notice as you descend through Earth’s atmosphere above Central Kentucky is the lush green countryside that surrounds Lexington’s vibrant city center. That’s our famous bluegrass.

These gorgeous wide open spaces and gently rolling hills are the perfect place to land spacecraft of all sizes. Consider taking in the scenery with a cruise above this iconic landscape before officially touching down. Or, if you just really need a bathroom break, save it for your return trip.

Dr. Kishonna Gray

“Lexington would be a great place to make first contact. You can land your spacecraft here. You can see the Bluegrass. You may even be able to ride a horse, depending on how big you are.”

Dr. Robert Lodder
Expert in Computer Engineering and SETI




With about 450 picturesque horse farms catering to every need of our four-legged superstars, it’s easy to get confused about who’s running the show in Lexington. We promise it’s us humans or else we wouldn’t have invited you. Nevertheless, you should absolutely get to know the majestic species we call Thoroughbreds.

Visit Horse Country can help you arrange a close encounter. The Kentucky Horse Park is home to about 50 different breeds. And you can see the best of the best at Keeneland, a legendary racecourse and National Historic Monument. Don’t be intimidated by the betting process. It’s only slightly more complicated than interstellar travel.



Dr. Andrew Byrd

“We’ve got great food, great music, and great people. What’s not to like?”

Dr. Andrew Byrd
Expert in Linguistics



Bourbon is that brown stuff humans love to sip, and Lexington is the center of the bourbon universe. There are 16 innovative distilleries and counting nearby, including Woodford Reserve and Buffalo Trace, and you can tour them all. There’s also dozens of craft cocktail bars and tasting rooms where you can sample this popular elixir.

A word of caution: bourbon is kind of an acquired taste. You might love it, or it might liquify your entire body like salt on a slug. We honestly have no idea.

Dr. Kishonna Gray

“Wait until you see the horses. You might think they are the best thing on Earth. Close. They are tied with bourbon, and we have both!”

Dr. Meg Wallace
Expert in Philosophy and Science Fiction




After years of suspended animation in a cryogenic pod you’re probably plenty rested, but Lexington has the kind of hotels that are far more than a place to lay your head/heads. 

Located in a thoughtfully restored historic bank, 21c Museum Hotel is a marvel of human achievement with contemporary art galleries, a posh restaurant, and a bar. Lexington’s newest boutique hotel, The Manchester, likewise boasts out-of-this-world food and drinks in a stylish setting inspired by equine culture.



Dr. Kishonna Gray

“Sorry about the whole Mac and Me thing. It was the 80s and we didn’t know any better. We’re sure you’re more handsome than that. Anyways, Lexington is pretty great.”

Dr. Kishonna Gray
Expert in Digital Media


Restaurants & Retail

Earthlings love to do two things: eat and shop. Hundreds of independent eateries serve eclectic cuisine, local delicacies, and traditional Southern favorites that you can sink your teeth (or whatever) into. And you can pick up a souvenir at one of our many locally owned retailers. 

We take our eating and shopping so seriously that we even created places the Distillery District, and Summit at Fritz Farm where you can do both at the same time. In order to avoid mistaken fraudulent charges, don’t forget to notify your credit card provider that you’ll be traveling to a different solar system.




You don’t need a telescope to find signs of intelligent life in Lexington. Everywhere you look there’s evidence of cool, caring visionaries doing their part to give our neck of the Milky Way a palpable creative culture. Catch some live music at The Burl or hear the sound of blues from the legendary Tee Dee Young. Check out our mind-blowing street art. Treat your offspring to some hands-on edutainment at the Explorium and the Living Arts & Science Center.

The Burl


Dr. Kishonna Gray

“Come to Lexington! We have horses and bourbon. Just don’t eat us.”

Dr. Brenna Byrd
Expert in Germanic Languages and Linguistics

Looking for more to explore before heading back to your home planet?

Make the most of your stay in Lexington with these helpful Travel Guides. Or stop by the Lexington Visitors Center for the latest information from our team of experts.

Visitors Center time capsule



If you’re a human reading this, welcome! We hope you too can make it to Lexington to visit. If you do, be sure to stop by the Lexington Visitors Center to see artifacts from this historic achievement and to write your own postcard to aliens.

You can also submit your message virtually below. These messages will be gifted to our extraterrestrial friends upon arrival.

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