(800) 845-3959  VisitLEX.COM 33 32 2017 LEXINGTON VISITORS GUIDE DANVILLE 11 PARIS 1 HARRODSBURG 10 LEXINGTON 3 4 5 6 8 7 2 9 BREWGRASS TRAIL Thirsty travelers know: there is no better way to get the true flavor of a place than to try the locally crafted beers. Imaginative names like Cougar Bait, Eagle Skull, Angry Scotsman and Cliff Jumper just add to the fun. Hop on the Trail There’s no better way to “do” Lexington like a local than to stop in at one (or more!) of our local breweries. The region has a long history of brewing and distilling. A new generation of entrepreneurs is creating an impressive range of craft beers in a variety of creatively renovated urban spaces. If you like a challenge, pick up a Brewgrass Trail Passport at any local brewery. Visit all the breweries, turn in your passport, and you’ll be rewarded with a special t-shirt. Paris 1 Rooster Brewing  609 Main Street  Bourbon barrel-aged brews, as well as French and Belgian-influenced farmhouse ales. Lexington 2  West Sixth Brewing 501 West Sixth Street  Offering West Sixth IPA and West Sixth Amber plus a range of seasonal and specialty beers. 3  Blue Stallion Brewing Co 610 West Third Street  Specializing in crafting quality European-style lagers and ales. 4 Ethereal Brewing 1224 Manchester Street  Belgian farmhouse and American craft beers exploring the “funkier side of farmhouse brewing.” 5  Alltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co. 401 Cross Street Lexington’s longest-standing craft brewery. 6  Country Boy Brewing 436 Chair Avenue  Featuring a wide variety of beers made with local fruits, vegetables and hops. 7 Life Brewpub 2628 Richmond Road Hand crafted beers in a restaurant serving lunch, dinner and brunch on the weekends. 8 Mirror Twin Brewing Co. 725 National Avenue  Celebrating “the duality of beer” with the first and only twin draft system. 9 Rock House Brewing 119 Luigart Ct  A microbrewery and taproom celebrating a love for community and music. Harrodsburg 10  Lemons Mill Brewing 166 Marimon Avenue  The discovery of a secret recipe was the inspiration for this brewery that couples traditional brewing and modern flavor infusions. Danville 11 Beer Engine 107 Larrimore Lane  Creating unique beers that challenge the most experienced palate. BREWGRASS TRAIL