(800) 845-3959  VisitLEX.COM 15 14 2017 LEXINGTON VISITORS GUIDE The Craft Continues The art of distilling a fine Bourbon is alive and well in Kentucky. New generations of master distillers have honored the traditions of the past and opened their own small batch craft distilleries. Stop in at Town Branch (859) 255-2337, Barrel House Distilling (859) 259-0159, Bluegrass Distillers (859) 253-4490, Hartfield & Co. in Paris (859) 559-3494, or Wilderness Trail Distillery in Danville (859) 402-8707. Tour a Historic Distillery These are not “visitor experiences,” these are production facilities where the real work of crafting fine bourbon happens. Enjoy the aromas and witness first-hand the time-honored traditions involved in making America’s only native spirit. Close to Lexington you will find: Buffalo Trace (502) 696-5926, Woodford Reserve (859) 879-1812, Four Roses (502) 839-3436, and Wild Turkey (502) 839-2182. Find Your Favorite Kentuckians love to pontificate on the merits of their favorite Bourbon. If you are new to this spirit, Lexington bartenders are well-equipped to help you hone your palate. Spend a few days in Lexington and you’ll go home able to discuss, in detail, the impact of rye vs wheat in a mash bill. Some bars with extraordinary Bourbon collections include Blue Grass Tavern (859) 389-6664, Parlay Social (859) 244-1932, Henry Clay Public House (859) 368-7754, and Arcadium (859) 317- 9712, just to get you started. Discover the Secret of our Success Beneath the rolling hills of the Bluegrass Region lies the secret that ties our two signature industries together. A massive limestone shelf serves as a filtration system, purifying our water and adding calcium that promotes strong bones in our livestock…including horses.The Kentucky River has carved a gorge through this ancient rock formation. View the foundation of our success by heading south on US 27. Cross over the Kentucky River and take the first right (1845).You’ll find four nature preserves with a variety of hiking trails, all with views of the palisades. Bourbon Reborn Two ambitious projects are giving new life to historic sites. Stunning Castle & Key Distillery has resurrected many of the features at the site of Old Taylor Distillery near Versailles and boasts the state’s only female master distiller, Marianne Barnes. The grounds have been re- imagined by well-known garden designer, Jon Carloftis. Businessman Amir Peay plans to begin distilling James E. Pepper bourbon on the site of Pepper’s original 1879 facility in Lexington’s Distillery District, and include a museum of bourbon memorabilia. Stay tuned for opening dates: patience is a virtue in the Bourbon industry. When we say we love Bourbon, we mean it.The number of barrels of bourbon aging in Kentucky warehouses is greater than the number of people who live in the state! Buffalo Trace Distillery BOURBON COUNTRY Explore the birthplace of Bourbon with Lexington as your home base. We are minutes away from the region’s most charming historic distilleries, as well as the newest craft distilleries. BOURBON COUNTRY