Lexington chefs Ouita Michel and Laura Ramírez are known for cooking up some of the best food in the region. Their secret? Local, local, local. Ouita: “I love working with all local ingredients, so I like everything to come from the farm and come from the garden.” Laura: “There are a lot of non-local vendors that offer me produce and vegetables. But I’d rather buy from a local business than buy from someone who is not local.” Get to know Lexington’s dining scene even more by browsing articles, local guides and more at ShareTheLex.com/Beyond-Grits F I N D I T H E R E LAURA RAMÍREZ Tortillería y Taquería Ramírez (p. 77) OUITA MICHEL Windy Corner (p. 58), Holly Hill Inn (p. 40), Smithtown Seafood (p. 32), Honeywood (p. 14) 2018