LEXINGTON DINING GUIDE / 73 Oasis Mediterranean Restaurant $$ L D V G This authentic Middle Eastern restaurant is no mirage.Masters of spice and kings of kabobs,the food here is sure to satisfy a craving for the exotic.Gather up some friends and challenge the filling,yet affordable Oasis Platter (for 2),or sample a medley of Eastern Mediterranean flavor at the lunch buffet. 837 Chevy Chase Place – (859) 269-6440 – oasisrestaurant.net Old San Juan Cuban Cuisine $ L D V This surprisingly authentic“mom and pop”spot is Lexington’s only Cuban restaurant,but the appeal doesn’t stop there.Serving traditional Cuban fare,each dish is simple and fresh with subtle nuances enriching each bite.Fill up on a perfectly pressed Cuban sandwich and a mango shake,or visit the in-house grocery and soda fountain to take some of the flavor home with you. 247 Surfside Drive – (859) 278-2682 WORLD CUISINE 126 125 “When I think of Lexington restaurants, we have so much more than traditional ‘Kentucky’ places. We have African food. We have Thai food. We have Chinese food. That’s what makes Lexington so interesting.“ —Chef Dan Wu, Atomic Ramen