LEXINGTON DINING GUIDE / 7 2018 Ouita’s Biscuits Celebrated Chef Ouita Michel’s beaten biscuits are somewhat of a delicacy around these parts.Firmer and saltier than traditional biscuits,they’re best enjoyed on their own or with a thick slice of country ham. Find it here: Wallace Station, The Midway Bakery, Windy Corner Market & Restaurant Sorghum Cookies Sorghum is a thick golden syrup with a mild,earthy flavor that has long been a southern staple.It’s the star ingredient in a variety of cookies,cakes and other bakery items that you can find around town. Find it here: The Midway Bakery, Wallace Station Fried Chicken Kentucky has been nationally associated with finger-lickin’good fried chicken since Colonel Sanders made us the birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken back in the‘30s.From traditionally prepared recipes to modern takes on this southern classic – we know our chicken. Find it here: Merrick Inn, Parkette Drive-In, Lockbox, Winchell’s Restaurant & Sports Bar