LEXINGTON DINING GUIDE / 61 LEXINGTON DINING GUIDE / 61 Lexington has been experiencing a culinary renaissance over the past decade, and seasoned chefs like Jonathon Searle and Kristy Matherly have witnessed it firsthand. Jonathan: “I think in the 10 years I’ve been cooking in the area, and after leaving for 5 years and coming back, it’s like, “Wow, how it’s grown!” This is an exciting time in Lexington. What’s happening, where it’s come from, and where it’s going.” Kristy: “There’s so many new spots, right? We love going out to Middle Fork, to Manchester, and then of course they’ve got The Barn at The Summit and Honeywood out there now. And when you think about it, we’ve really got a lot of barbecue places, too.” Get to know Lexington’s dining scene even more by browsing articles, local guides and more at ShareTheLex.com/Beyond-Grits F I N D I T H E R E 2018 JONATHAN SEARLE Lockbox (p. 30) KRISTY MATHERLY Sunrise Bakery (p. 65)