58 / BEYOND GRITS Stella’s Kentucky Deli $ L D V You won’t be able to tell if you’re in a small town or a big city.Serving simple dishes made with fresh,Kentucky-grown ingredients and sold at down-home prices,this deli is quaint and refreshing.The sunny yellow building,red awnings and superior freshness of the menu combine to make it feel like summer year-round. 143 Jefferson Street – (859) 255-3354 – stellaskentuckydeli.com Sutton’s $$ L D V Serving Lexington for more than 26 years,the Masterone family brought their appetites with them when they moved from Italy to Kentucky.Large portions of traditional Italian cuisine andAmerican classics will fill your plate.Staples like meatballs,pasta and stromboli are made with some of the best ingredients Kentucky has to offer. 110 North Locust Hill Drive – (859) 268-2068 – suttonsrestaurant.com Windy Corner Market & Restaurant $$ B L D V G Smack dab in the middle of horse country,everything here is locally grown. Serving breakfast,lunch and dinner seven days a week,including the “Mabel’s Nut burger”,a delicious local burger topped with spicy peanut dressing.Enjoy a fresh,home-style meal followed by an ice cream cone while sitting on the screened-in porch,surrounded by lilacs and horses. 4595 Bryan Station Road – (859) 294-9338 – windycornermarket.com PORCHES & PATIOS 103 102 101