46 / BEYOND GRITS Detroit Famous Coney Island $ L D An authentic taste of Detroit’s Famous Coney Island-style hot dogs—a classic, steamed foot long hot dog topped with a special chili meat sauce,cheese sauce and freshly diced onions.If you’re familiar with Michigan’s“Coney Island” restaurants,you’ll know exactly what to expect here…classic greasy spoon favorites from steak sandwiches,to giant fish sandwiches and chili cheese fries.Be sure to finish off your meal with authentic family recipe Greek baklava for dessert. 825 LaneAllen Road – (859) 278-3982 Good Foods Market and Café $$ B L D Your friendly neighborhood co-op,featuring local,natural,organic and whole foods.The locally owned and operated café offers a super-fresh salad bar,a hot lunch and dinner buffet,made-to-order sandwiches,excellent sushi and an espresso/juice bar to boot.It’s a favorite among vegetarians and health- conscious eaters,but everybody can find something they’ll love. 455 Southland Drive – (859) 278-1813 – goodfoods.coop Gumbo Ya Ya $ L D V Owners Greg andTressaTodd like to keep it simple,with a chalkboard menu full of select Cajun Creole dishes inspired by Greg’s years as a New Orleans cook and store manager.Prepared with fresh local produce,you’ll find plenty of authentic and hearty Cajun staples,with new specials appearing every day.Try the signature “Yatwich,”chicken fricassée,red beans & rice,traditional jambalaya,or several variations of étoufées,gumbos and creoles.You simply can’t go wrong. 1080 South Broadway #107 – (859) 252-9292 – gumboyayaky.com 75 76 CASUAL 74