LEXINGTON DINING GUIDE / 103 Bluegrass Local Sourcing Designation What’s with the blue tractors? They’re our Bluegrass local sourcing designators, highlighting the amount of dollars invested in local farms by local restaurants and businesses. Supporting our local food system has important implications for consumers, farmers and our community as a whole. Specifically, buying food from Kentucky farmers directly benefits our local food and farm economy by keeping dollars locally that can then be reinvested in our community. The restaurants and food businesses in this guide marked with a blue tractor regularly source ingredients from Kentucky farms. We are so proud of our restaurants that are committed to supporting Kentucky farmers. When dining out, always be sure to ask what’s local! SPENT UP TO $24,999 SPENT $25,000-$49,999 SPENT OVER $50,000* *Spending between January 1,2017 — December 31,2017 Bluegrass Farm toTable,an initiative of the City of Lexington, promotes the development of a more vibrant local food economy by supporting food-related agricultural development. 2018 LEXINGTON DINING GUIDE / 103