Mural Challenge

About the Lexington Mural Challenge

VisitLEX created this mural challenge to help locals and visitors discover street art they might overlook. Dedicated organizations such as PRHBTN and LexArts facilitate the creation of colorful murals throughout Lexington by sponsoring local and global talent. This is not a comprehensive list of every mural in town; new murals pop up throughout the year!

Receive a prize by visiting ten murals and answering the questions below. Snap a picture of yourself in front of at least one. Email your answers and your picture to along with your mailing address. Make sure you share your favorite mural on one of Big Lex's social media pages with the hashtags #legalgraffitilex and #sharethelex. Successful mural hunters will be sent a prize commemorating their artistic journey through Lexington.

Mural Challenge Questions

1. ‘Tulip Poplar' by Lacy Hale
Commissioned by LexPark and Saul Good, this colorful mural was painted in October 2014. The artist, Lucy Hale, is from Knott County, Kentucky and attended the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn to study art. 
Located on the 100 block of South Broadway.
Question: How many flowers are in Lacy Hale's mural, Tulip Poplar?

2. ‘Moonshine' by HOW & NOSM
This whimsical mural was painted by twin brothers, HOW and NOSM. The black, red, pink and white color scheme seen in ‘Moonshine' can be found throughout their other works of art. Off Short Street, this mural can only be seen by foot.
Located on the parking garage at The Square, next to Table 310.
Question: How many black spheres are in this mural?

3. ‘The Night Watchers' by Andrew Hem
This was painted in October 2014 as part of the PRHBTN program.
Los Angeles artist, Andrew Hem, often paints murals of otherworldly beings like the ones seen here.
Located on the 100 block of West Short Street.
Question: What animal can be found of the girl's shirt in Hem's mural, ‘The Night Watchers'?  

4. Britt Spencer Mural
This original art was painted in 2005 for the Lexington Arts and Cultural Council competition. Britt Spencer is a Lexington native and is recognized by the New York Society of Illustrators.
Located on the 200 block of East Short Street.
Question: What unconventional animal did Britt Spencer paint in the race?  

5. ‘Lily and the Silly Monkeys' by Herakut
One of two large "street art" murals by Herakut, this was done in 2012 as part of the PRHBTN program. The German artists Hera and Akut, both with roots in the graffiti scene, joined forces in 2004 and began creating collaborative work under the name of Herakut. The duo has shown around the world, including in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, London, and Bristol.
Located on the 100 block of Market Street.
Question: Besides the monkey, what other animal was painted in the mural, ‘Lily and the Silly Monkeys'?  

6. ‘Lincoln' by Eduardo Kobra
Eduardo Kobra, from Brazil, painted this as part of the PRHBTN program in October 2013. Kobra's art can be seen all over the world in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Moscow and, of course, Lexington. With the unique trademark use of kaleidoscope colors, Kobra is currently focusing on producing images of people that make the world a better place. 
Located behind the Kentucky Theatre on the 200 block of Water Street.
Question: How many red, white and blue stripes are surrounding Lincoln?

7. ‘Mind, Body and Soul' by Wasseem Touma
This mural was painted in 2011 as part of the first year's PRHBTN program by Wasseem Touma. Touma was born in Sydney, Australia, and studied at the Kansas City Art Institute and the University of Kentucky. His Arabic heritage can be seen throughout his artwork as he focuses on cultural identity and what our two cultures have in common. 
Vine Street Side of the High Street YMCA, the 200 block of Vine Street.
Question: What is in the background of ‘Mind, Body and Soul' by Touma?

8. Odeith's Louis Armstrong
Local businessman Griffin Van Meter's hired contractors accidentally power-washed away Sergio Odeith's first Lexington mural; ironically while Van Meter was in Louisville giving a presentation on using public art to foster community place-making. Luckily the renowned graffiti artist got the chance to leave his mark on Lexington once again. Now on the south wall of a building at Elm Tree Lane and Corral Street stands a 70 foot tall Louis Armstrong, serving as a visual celebration of the storied musical past of Lexington's east end.
Located at the corner of Elm Tree Lane and Corral Streets.
Question: What is the name of the non-profit corporation that occupies the building where Louis Armstrong can be found?

9. 'Know Your History. Then Make History.' by Sundiata Rashid
This mural was designed to tell the story of the neighborhood it was painted in and even features some of the neighborhood children in the mural. The artist, Sundiata Rashid, who resides in the East End neighborhood, wanted to tie the past and present together by painting the past in black and white and the future in color.
Located in the 300 block of Race Street.
Question: How many portraits are painted on the future side of this mural?

10. Wall Paintings on side of Third Street Stuff
Third Street Stuff is whimsical inside and out and has a number of wall paintings and everyday items turned into art.
Located at 257 North Limestone.
Question: What physical object was made a part of the wall art outside Third Street Stuff?

11. 'Strange Characters' 
Very little is known about this mural on the side of Progress Market. The strange characters appear to be colorful cartoon versions of the statues at Easter Island.
Located at 600 North Limestone.
Question: What sport are the characters playing?

12. ‘Where Dreams Come From' by Herakut
This piece was painted by a two person street art team from Germany named Herakut. This was the second of the large Herakut murals, painted as part of the 2012 PRHBTN program. All Herakut artwork in Lexington is a part of their 'Giant Storybook Project' that spans multiple continents.
Located at 574 North Limestone.
Question: What did the little giant wake up to see? 14. ‘A Tradition of Music on North Limestone' by Michael Burrell

13. 'Buffalogirl'
To help renovate and beautify North Limestone, BroCoLoco painted a mural on the side of Vintage On Lime, one of the newer shops in this area.
Located at 712 North Limestone Street.
Question: What animal do you think is on the woman's head?  

14. 'A Tradition of Music on North Limestone' by Michael Burrell
One of two music-centric murals in Lexington, this one was focused on the history of blues music in the Limestone area and is part of the LexArts program.
Located at 601 North Limestone.
Question: What musical instrument did the car morph into?

15. Buffalo Mural by ROA
ROA painted this mural as part of the 2014 PRHBTN program.
Street artist, ROA, is from Ghent, Belgium. Very little is known about this elusive artist, except that he was known to collect little skulls from birds and rodents in his earlier years. This concept of life and death, and affinity toward animals and rodents, still has a strong influence on his life and can be seen throughout his work. 
Located off North Limestone at the 100 block of Luigart Avenue.
Question: What is the Buffalo doing in the ROA Buffalo Mural?

16. 'Bus Barn Murals' at Lexington Transit Authority
This LexArts and LexTran commissioned piece was painted for the LexArts Outdoor Murals Project in 2012. The four murals depict the history of public transportation in Lexington.
Located on the 100 block of West Loudon Avenue.
Question: What was the first mode of transportation?

17. ‘Lexington History and Culture' by Esteban Camacho Steffensen
Home to the Lexington Legends baseball team, the Whitaker Bank Ballpark features four different murals painted by Portland artist, Esteban Camacho Steffensen. Each reflects the history of Lexington baseball and Lexington culture.
Located at Whitaker Ball Park, 207 Legends Lane.
Question: How many baseball players are in these murals?  

18. ‘Horses Jumping' by Gaia
A large horse mural sits in front of the West Sixth Brewery and GAIA's. This work has five Thoroughbred horses leaping off of an empty equestrian pedestal as a keffiyeh print from the United Emirates unfurls in the background.
Located on the 600 block of Bellaire Avenue in the "Bread Box." 
Question: What color is the horse before he jumps?  

19. ‘I Am MO' by MTO
Perhaps the most amazing (and controversial) is the behemoth 75 foot tall by 270 feet wide mural by MTO on the side of the Pepper Distillery Warehouse on Manchester. This piece of Street Art is stunning in its accuracy and complexity. Though MTO is better known for painting giant murals of famous celebrities, this particular character is not one.
1170 Manchester Street on the Pepper Distillery Warehouse campus.
Question: What does the caution tape warn you not to do?

20. Einstein Mural on a garage
Very little is known about this mural. It was not commissioned by LexArts or PRHBTN, but it is a great work of art, nevertheless. Painted on a garage door, this mural has a slightly different look than the traditional mural painted on brick.
Located in the 1100 block of Manchester Street.
Question: What color is Einstein?

21. ‘Dead Bee' by ROA
'Dead Bee,' monochromatic painting, was added by Ghent, Belgium street artist ROA during the 2014 PRHBTN project. It sits on the side of old cement water well near the Barrel House Distillery.
Located near 1210 Manchester Street.
Question: How many legs does the bee have?  

22. ‘Stockyard Commons' by Dronex, Inc.
Another mural pointed by Dronex featuring cattle and chickens.
Located on the 200 block of Lisle Industrial Road.
Question: How many chickens & roosters can you find in this mural?

23. 'Old Style Advertising Wall Art'  
Saul Good Restaurant commissioned an artist to paint the traditional wall advertising on the side of the restaurant as part of the LexArts program.
Located at 1808 Alysheba Way.
Question: What quote by Anita Madden can be found on the 'Old Style Advertising Wall Art,' referring to party guests that left her house at five in the morning?

24. ‘In the Market for Music' by Michael Burrell
Lexington artist, Michael Burrell, painted this piece of the Southland Farmer's Market. This mural features a group of bluegrass musicians playing various instruments.
Located in the 500 block of Southland Drive.
Question: Name one musical instrument in this mural.

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