Enjoy America's Native Spirit

In and around Lexington you can explore old warehouses where row upon row of charred-oak barrels stretch into the horizon, waiting for their chance to shine. Then, grab a stool at one of the many world-class bourbon and cocktail bars around town. 

Woodford Reserve Tour


Alltech Town Branch Distillery - Distance from Downtown: <1 mile, 4 minutes 
Barrel House Distilling Co. - Distance from Downtown: 1 mile, 4 minutes
Bluegrass Distillers - Distance from Downtown: 1 mile, 4 minutes 
Buffalo Trace Distillery - Distance from Downtown: 29 miles, 37 minutes
Castle & Key Distillery - Distance from Downtown: 27 miles, 33 minutes
Four Roses Distillery - Distance from Downtown: 23 miles, 31 minutes
James E. Pepper Distillery - Distance from Downtown: 1 mile, 4 minutes
Wild Turkey Distillery - Distance from Downtown: 22 miles, 32 minutes
Woodford Reserve Distillery - Distance from Downtown: 21 miles, 31 minutes

James E. Pepper

Bourbon Bars & Experiences

Belle's Cocktail House
Named after notorious Lexington madam Belle Brezing, Belle’s displays its diverse bourbon collection with an impressive rooftop to boot. The three-story bar focuses on hand-crafted cocktails and offers more than 100 different bourbons. 

Bluegrass Tavern
Regularly listed as one of the Best Bourbon Bars in the South, Bluegrass Tavern has the largest bourbon selection in Kentucky. Known to locals as BGT, it’s the perfect place to try bourbons you won’t be able to taste anywhere else.

Centro overlooks the Historical Old Courthouse Plaza in downtown Lexington. Popular amongst locals, the stunning bar features original brick and tile work laid in 1898 and serves more than 100 different types of bourbons. 

Cork & Barrel
Located in the Blue Grass Airport, once through security, you can shop for the finest bourbons from some of Kentucky’s most iconic distilleries to pack in your carry-on.