Tourism brand bets big on unique benefits to stand out from nearby competition.

LEXINGTON — Leveraging pandemic relief funds from the American Rescue Plan, VisitLEX launched a new campaign, “Look at Lexington,” in advance of the upcoming spring travel season.

The goal of the campaign is to boost tourism by spreading the word about the gorgeous landscape and unique attractions that make Lexington an alluring destination unlike any in the world. It culminates in a direct call to action for travelers in search of a convenient, affordable and authentic getaway.

Cornett produced video, outdoor media, digital display, social media, sponsored media, and a host of other assets to drive home the “Look at Lexington” campaign with stunning visuals and fun superlatives that position the city as “The coolest, Kentucky-est getaway.”

The star of the campaign, a quirky 30-second TV spot, features a welcoming host showcasing just a few of the reasons why Lexington is the “bluegrassy-est,” bourbon-est,” “artsy-est,” and hands down the “horsey-est” place around.

“Lexington is a cool, cultured and progressive oasis with all the big-city amenities and none of the hassle,” VisitLEX Vice President of Marketing Leslie Miller said. “And it’s right in the middle of a bluegrass landscape that couldn’t be any more picturesque. However, when it comes to vacation destinations, we’re not always top of mind. The ‘Look at Lexington’ campaign puts a spotlight on all of the things that make Lexington such a fantastic place to visit.”

Creative assets, including hi-res photos and video, are available for use HERE.

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