The Kentucky Castle is a magnificent hotel located in Lexington. This hotel is great for travelers who want to pamper themselves and enjoy the most luxurious suites in a castle. The restaurant serves farm-to-table food, and guests can expect to enjoy the best of the best. Not to mention, this hotel has a large, cozy fireplace that is great for travelers who love to cozy up by the fire during cold Winter nights.

Lexington Griffin Gate Marriott is an amazing hotel with an absolutely stunning lake. The hotel has many beautiful fireplaces, including a lovely one in the spa. It's a good hotel for golf enthusiasts to stay in since it has an 18-hole golf course and a beautiful, well-manicured lawn. Guests can enjoy delicious food at the Bluegrass Bistro while they sit by the luxurious fireplace. Guests who have the pleasure of staying here will experience sophisticated dining, luxury, and great comfort.

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