LEXINGTON, Ky. – Nourish Lexington today released a video to highlight its work in the community.

The video was created through an in-kind donation from Studio46 Media.

“Studio46 Media was honored to collaborate on a project with Nourish Lexington to highlight the work that they have been doing in our community,” said Bryan Dowell, director at Studio46. “Their dedication to providing meals to those who do not have immediate access to food, particularly during such an unprecedented time, is an incredible display of the heart and resiliency that this city has. We look forward to helping in any way that we can as they continue to do incredible things for the city of Lexington.”

To date, there has been $100,000 in direct spend with local businesses and shift workers through Nourish Lexington now -- about $10,000 has paid 24 shift workers while $90,000 has been spent with local businesses that are helping to prepare the meals, which also helps them keep their employees working.

Nourish Lexington distributed 8,145 meals – including 2,400 school lunches – last week. More than 32,000 meals have been distributed since the effort began.

“Food is such a direct line to who we are and how we relate to one another – we celebrate over food, we strengthen community and family over food, in addition to providing sustenance,” said Becca Self, executive director of FoodChain, which is a founding partner of Nourish Lexington. “Nourish Lexington helps with that – the ability to tend to one another and create a more resilient community going forward by taking care of each other’s most basic needs.”

Nourish Lexington also announced two major donations: $21,620.40 from Keeneland, which committed 100 percent of net proceeds for all retail sales from the Keeneland Shop and Keeneland Mercantile in April; and $10,000 from Tito’s Handmade Vodka. 

The food distribution, which begins at 5:30 p.m. each weekday, will be held this week at FoodChain (501 W. Sixth St.) and The Red Mile (1200 Red Mile Road). Restaurant partners are Athenian/UK Dining, Bayou Bluegrass, Minton’s and J Render’s.

Nourish Lexington is fueled by the generous donations from community partners and members of the public. To learn more about this effort and help feed members of our community who need it most, visit www.nourishlexington.org or https://bgcf.givingfuel.com/nourishfund.

To apply to work a shift at the Nourish Kitchen, receive a meal or learn more about donating product or kitchen space to Nourish Lexington, visit www.nourishlexington.org.

About Nourish Lexington: 
Nourish Lexington is an initiative to utilize the skills and talents of hospitality workers recently unemployed due to the COVID-19 closings to provide prepared meals to those who need immediate access to food. In exchange for preparing and delivering meals, food service workers will receive a $60 payment for a four-hour shift. Meals will be distributed to hospitality industry families, other families in need, seniors in affordable housing apartment complexes and children and their families through family resource coordinators. To learn more, visit www.nourishlexington.org