There were no bets placed on this Breeders' Cup winner, but it won the contest - the cupcake contest, that is.

Each year, the Breeders' Cup partners with a local bakery to produce the official Breeders' CupCake. The winner this year is Caramanda's Bake Shoppe.

"The quest for confection is over," said Peter Rotondo, Breeders' Cup vice president of media and entertainment. "We're thrilled to feature Caramanda's Bake Shoppe as the home of the 2015 Breeders' CupCake."

Steve Henderson from Caramanda's Bake Shoppe created a raspberry cake infused with white chocolate chips topped with a fluffy vanilla buttercream icing. The cake portion was Breeders' Cup purple, a difficult color for bakers to achieve.

After getting the nod from the judges, Steve commented: "We are family business here in Lexington and we sincerely appreciate the focus that the Breeders' Cup offers to local businesses like ours. Partner with an international event like this provides us an amazing opportunity to showcase our business' focus on quality and presentation."

"We're proud to showcase our Lexington culinary scene, which is full of artisan chefs and bakers who add a local twist and flair to their work," said Mary Quinn Ramer, president of VisitLEX. "The cupcake contest and the many other Breeders' Cup events will give us an opportunity to show the world what Lexington has to offer."

The winning baker picks a local charity to receive a $1 donation from every cupcake sold. Henderson selected Central Kentucky Riding for Hope to be the recipient.
Jenny Henson of Confused Confections and Charlene Olup of Donut Days were the other finalists.

Judges were Craig Fravel, Breeders' Cup president & CEO; Aimee Kidd, WKYT promotions and public service manager; and Patricia Knight, VisitLEX vice president of finance & operations.

The cupcakes will be sold at most events connected to the Breeders' Cup and related festivities. For a complete list, as well as the recipe and other information, check out in mid-October.