Women’s Voices Tour offered every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday in March, at 4 p.m. beginning March 2, 2021

March 1, 2021 (Lexington, KY) – Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate, celebrates Women’s History Month by offering the Women's Voices tour every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at 4 p.m. during the month of March. This docent-led tour focuses on nine women of Ashland whose lives span a century of social, cultural, and political evolution. As you visit the rooms that the women of Ashland inhabited, you will hear their voices–the causes they championed, the challenges they faced, and the heartache they suffered. The tour also explores the changing role of women from the early 19th century to the mid-20th century.

Tour tickets are available at https://fareharbor.com/embeds/book/henryclay/items/250126/?fullitems=yes&flow=343831. To adhere to current Coronavirus restrictions, Ashland offers tour options, including public, private and virtual tours. Private and Virtual tours may be booked by contacting Phil Janes at pjanes@henryclay.org or (859) 266-8581 x202.

Ashland maintains a strong presence in our community and beyond as the world continues to adjust to new ways of living, working and socializing. The grounds of the estate remain open and offer abundant space for guests to enjoy the property in a low-contact environment, while also providing an opportunity for students of all ages to engage in civics and history lessons by reading the interpretive markers and State historic markers. The outdoor Smokehouse and Carriage exhibits remain open.

Ashland offers online and virtual initiatives that provide the public, especially students, an opportunity for connection, interaction and learning, while also providing long-term benefits to people who cannot visit the estate in person. Jim Clark, Executive Director notes that “This public health crisis has pushed Ashland into the 21st century as we continue to serve our constituents, especially students. Just because we are a historic site doesn’t mean that we are stuck in the past - we will use whatever communication tools we can to remain accessible.”

Wake Up with Ashland is a series of virtual tours sponsored by Dupree Mutual Funds offered at 9:00 a.m. Thursdays. Tours lasting 15-20 minutes via Facebook Live (facebook.com/henryclayestate/) will explore different rooms of the mansion, the outbuildings and the grounds.

About Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate
Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate is owned and managed by the Henry Clay Memorial Foundation, established in 1926 as a private, nonprofit organization.” The Henry Clay Memorial Foundation exists to promote the legacy of Henry Clay, to share his continued relevance locally and nationally as a great statesman and to preserve his beloved “Ashland” as a testament to his love of Kentucky and country. The Henry Clay Memorial Foundation does not receive any government support, so it relies on the generosity of individuals and businesses who care about Henry Clay’s legacy and American history. Ashland, The Henry Clay Estate is located at 120 Sycamore Road in Lexington, Kentucky. To learn more about Henry Clay and Ashland, visit www.henryclay.org. ###