Bet You Thought You Knew Lexington, Kentucky

We’re a city that thrives on defying expectations. If you thought we only served fried chicken, that we’re “just a college town,” or that we’re nothing but horse farms, then you need to take a closer Look at Lexington. 


Bet You Thought We Weren’t This Close

Lexington is conveniently located within a day’s drive of ⅔ of the US population, and the Blue Grass Airport welcomes direct flights from 17 major cities.

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Bet You Thought Horses Weren’t Your Thing

With icons of Thoroughbred racing like Keeneland and picture-perfect horse farms in every direction, it’s no surprise that Lexington is the Horse Capital of the World. What you might not be expecting is the thrill of getting this close to Kentucky Derby winners, the foals destined to be tomorrow’s champions, and the action at the track.

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Just below Lexington’s surface there’s a limestone shelf, and the natural spring water that passes through it gives this place life. It grows meadows of lush Kentucky bluegrass, nourishes the world’s fastest horses, and it gives our native spirit an unmatched purity that will keep you coming back for more. 


Bet You Thought We Only Served Fried Chicken

Lexington is a foodie’s paradise with a spot for whatever you’re craving. Hundreds of independent restaurants helmed by the likes of James Beard Award-nominated chefs take farm-to-table cuisine to spectacular heights with flavors from around the world. And yeah, the fried chicken is pretty great too.


Looking For More Unexpectedly Cool Experiences?

While we may be famous for our world-class equine and bourbon experiences, there’s so much more to do here. Take a look for yourself!



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