There's a lot to do in Lexington, Kentucky! Our city's land and lifestyle have gained global recognition, and we can help you cover the bases: horses, history and bourbon. Plan a getaway to Lexington and you'll go back home with memories of an eclectic destination that manages to be both worldly and quaint at the same time.

See the 1, 2 and 3 night suggested Lexington itineraries below. Explore the navigation for this section to find even more suggested itineraries.

Horse Atrractions


A great one-night itinerary for travelers with young sightseers. You'll start at the Kentucky Horse Park and finish at a famous candy store! This is hands-on fun that will thrill all ages... more

Barn and Carriage


A nicely varied two-night itinerary for those who want to see a lot in a short time. The focus is on horses and history. You can even take a riverboat ride on the Kentucky River... more

McConnel Springs


Explore the land, relics and sites that reflect the deep traditions of the Bluegrass.You'll start at the actual spot where Lexington began, and from there continue to explore our history and our Bourbon heritage. If you love museums, antiques and handicrafts, you'll want to check this out... more