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Help Support Lexington’s Hotels This Holiday By Giving ‘The Gift Of Time’

Winter is here and we’re ten months into a pandemic, so we’re all probably feeling a little like Jack Torrance in The Shining. We’re stuck at home, we’re isolated, we miss our friends, our kids are driving us nuts, our partners are getting on our nerves, and no play is making us all very dull boys and girls.

This Holiday Season, show some compassion for your stir crazy friends and family by giving them “The Gift of Time”—a gift certificate for a night’s stay in one of Lexington’s relaxing hotels.

Hotel room at The Sire.

The Sire

Not only is it a thoughtful gift for locals in need of a break, it’s also a great gift for loved ones that you’d really like to come visit (when it’s safe, of course). As a matter of fact, the top reason why people travel is to visit friends and family. A hotel stay can be time spent with yourself, time away from your stresses, time with the ones you love, and so many more experiences that, according to research, result in longer-lasting happiness than material possessions. 

Plus, it really helps Lexington’s hotels. Like everywhere, Lexington’s hospitality industry is hurting and, with winter here, the pressure is only going to intensify. If buying a gift certificate for a night’s stay at one of Lexington’s hotels is a little out of your budget there’s other ways you can help like shopping local during the Holidays and supporting Lexington’s restaurants by giving gift certificates. Check out our Lexington 2021 campaign for more info. 

Hotel room at 21c Museum Hotel.

21c Museum Hotel

If giving a “Gift Of Time” sounds like a gift you’d like to give this Holiday, please click the "Book Now" button below to view our full list of Lexington hotels.