George Thorogood and the Destoryers

401 West Short Street, Lexington KY 40507, Lexington, KY 40507
Date: November 7, 2023
Time: 8:00 PM

For Thorogood, the 50 th Anniversary Tour – along with a top-streaming catalog of albums that now includes his acclaimed 2017 solo disc Party Of One, 2020’s epic George Thorogood The Destroyers Live In Boston 1982: The Complete Concert, and 2022’s The Original George Thorogood – is proof that nice guys can finish first even when they’re the baddest of the bad. “You can’t plan to have a legacy,” George explains. “Our heart and soul have been in this from day one, and I think audiences have always respected that. Maybe that’s why we’ve never gone out of style.” Or perhaps the way a gobsmacked Rolling Stone reporter first described Thorogood and band in the ‘70s still rings true today: “Just one guy with more moves than a burlap bag full of wolverines, a snarling vintage Gibson, and a rhythm section in pursuit of the Watts-Wyman Perfect Metronome Award. If Thorogood gave off any more energy, the government would lock him in a lead barrel and dump him off the coast of New Jersey. George Thorogood the Destroyers play rock roll hot enough to melt the polar icecaps and flood the world’s major population centers.”