Lexington Horse Farm

Sales and Services Team

For Visitor Information, call (800) 845-3959 or email vacation@visitlex.com

Marci Krueger-Sidebottom, Vice President of Sales and Services
Marci Sidebottom
mkrueger@visitlex.com / (859) 244-7712 or (800) 848-1224

Bond Jacobs, Director of Services
Bond Jacobs
bjacobs@visitlex.com / (859) 244-7701 or (800) 848-1224

Sandy Johnson, Destination Sales Manager
Staff Photo - Sandy Johnson
sjohnson@visitlex.com /(859) 244-7715 or (800) 848-1224
State Associations, Trade, Business and Commercial Organizations,Labor Unions/Associations/Federations, Trade Shows and Expositions,Educational Organizations/UK College of Education 

Roseanne Mingo, Destination Sales Manager
Roseanne Mingo
rmingo@visitlex.com / (859) 244-7714 or (800) 848-1224 
Reunions (Class, Military and Family, Cultural, Fan Clubs, Hobby, Social Welfare,Tourism Organizations, Patriotic/Military/Veterans, Government, Engineering/Scientific 

John Pohl, Director of Sports and Equine Sales
John Pohl
jpohl@visitlex.com / (859) 244-7716 or (800) 848-1224
Athletic/Sports Organizations, Equine Organizations/Horse Groups 

Becca Rogers, Destination Sales Manager
Becca Rogers
brogers@visitlex.com / (859) 244-7708 or (800) 848-1224
Group travel: 99 rooms or less in all markets, Motor Coach Tours

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