Lexington Horse Farm

Sales and Services Team

For Visitor Information, call (800) 845-3959 or email vacation@visitlex.com

Marci Krueger-Sidebottom, Vice President of Sales and Services
Marci Sidebottom
mkrueger@visitlex.com / (859) 244-7712 or (800) 848-1224

Stephen Barnett, Destination Sales Manager
Stephen Barnett
sbarnett@visitlex.com / (859) 244-7703 or (800) 848-1224
Religious, Medical Organizations, Fraternal & Greek, Corporate & Franchise (100 peak rooms or more), Ethnic, Multicultural & Diversity, UK College of Medicine, UK College of Nursing, UK College of Public Health, UK College of Health Science, UK College of Pharmacy and UK College of Dentistry

Sandy Johnson, Destination Sales Manager
Staff Photo - Sandy Johnson
sjohnson@visitlex.com /(859) 244-7715 or (800) 848-1224
State Associations, Trade, Business and Commercial Organizations,Labor Unions/Associations/Federations, Trade Shows and Expositions,Educational Organizations/UK College of Education 

Roseanne Mingo, Destination Sales Manager
Roseanne Mingo
rmingo@visitlex.com / (859) 244-7714 or (800) 848-1224 
Reunions (Class, Military and Family, Cultural, Fan Clubs, Hobby, Social Welfare,Tourism Organizations, Patriotic/Military/Veterans, Government, Engineering/Scientific 

John Pohl, Director of Sports and Equine Sales
John Pohl
jpohl@visitlex.com / (859) 244-7716 or (800) 848-1224
Athletic/Sports Organizations, Equine Organizations/Horse Groups 

Becca Rogers, Destination Sales Manager
Becca Rogers
brogers@visitlex.com / (859) 244-7708 or (800) 848-1224
Group travel: 99 rooms or less in all markets, Motor Coach Tours

Bond Jacobs, Director of Services
Bond Jacobs
bjacobs@visitlex.com / (859) 244-7701 or (800) 848-1224

Haley Snyder, Sales & Services Coordinator 
Hayley Snyder
hsnyder@visitlex.com / (859) 244-7713 or (800) 848-1224

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