Kentucky Women Marching in St. Louis

Women's 100th Celebration

As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage, learn about powerful women with Lexington connections who made an impact on their community and their nation.

During this anniversary year, initiatives across the country will recognize noteworthy women and their contributions. Did you know that less than seven percent of the 5,193 monuments in the United States were built to recognize women? Learn about Lexington's efforts to change that statistic with the “Breaking the Bronze Ceiling” initiative.

Women Who Ruled Racetracks

Proving that horse racing isn’t just a man’s world, these women stood tall in the horse industry – producing and racing top racehorses and reflecting the long history of strong Kentucky women. more

Lexington Women in Education and the Arts

Using their talents and skills, many Kentucky women rise to positions of influence to impact those around them for generations to come. more

Extraordinary Women in History

These women accomplished great things, often under difficult and unusual circumstances. Each was a trailblazer and had significant impact on their communities. more

Lexington Women Who Fought for Equality

Whether fighting for their freedom, fighting for their right to vote, or fighting for racial equality, each of these nine Lexington women shared the common goal of equality. more

All photos used for Women 100th are by permission or are in the public domain. Special thanks to the University of Kentucky Archives for their assistance.