Lexington is where history is made, traditions are honored and pride is resolute. Known by the 1800's as the "Athens of the West", Lexington has long been home to confident yet humble people who believe there is no better place to be. Sharing that pride of place with visitors enriches all of us. From Lexington, dozens of Kentucky's most significant historic sites are within easy reach.

Historic Homes and Places

Whether you are searching for relics of past eras and interesting people, examples of architectural worth, or scenes of noteworthy events, you'll find plenty of fascinating historic homes and places to explore in and around Lexington... more

Ticket to History

We offer an economical way to tour four historic homes. Stop by the Lexington Visitors Center, and purchase a ticket that grants admission to the Mary Todd Lincoln House; Ashland, the Henry Clay Estate; Hunt-Morgan House; and Waveland State Historic Site... more

Civil War Heritage

The story of the Civil War in Lexington and the Bluegrass is more than a story of battles. It's a story of strong personalities - of two Presidents, a First Lady, a "lion," and a "Thunderbolt." It's a story of contrasts... more

African American

The history of Lexington and the Bluegrass Region has been inclusive of African Americans both enslaved and free. Integral to every aspect of our region's heritage… more

Heritage Tours

The Bluegrass region was the first part of Kentucky to be settled (seeing the breathtaking beauty of the land here, many pioneers decided there could be no better place to live), so there's a lot of heritage here to explore… more


Historic attractions in Lexington and the Bluegrass Region will fascinate history buffs. The setting is the legendary rolling hills of Bluegrass pastures and the charming small towns of central Kentucky… more