Brewgrass Trail

Brewgrass Trail

True: we are known as the birthplace of bourbon. But we are home to master brewers as well as master distillers! Craft breweries are now scattered across Kentucky, and more and more thirsty travelers are seeking out small craft brewers and locally-made beers in addition to sampling our classic bourbons.

The Brewgrass Trail is dedicated to showcasing the craft breweries in our area. You will find a great selection of local brews, and an energetic and friendly atmosphere at each stop.

Pick up a Brewgrass Trail Passport at any local brewery and at our Visitors Center downtown. Have it stamped at each brewery you visit, and you could end up with a one-of-a-kind Brewgrass Trail tshirt for your efforts.  Let Daniel Boone tell you about the passport program.

Want to know the events happening at the breweries including tastings, special offerings, new beers and food trucks? Go to

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