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“Seeing is believing-

Check out a real-time feed of cool things going on in Lexington. It’s not ALL about horses!" more


There's a lot to do in Lexington, Kentucky! You've already discovered that! Perhaps the challenge now is not "what" to do, but "how". These itineraries will help you plan your visit to Lexington. Our city's land and lifestyle have gained global recognition, and we can help you cover the bases: horses, history and bourbon. Plan a getaway to Lexington and you'll go back home with memories of an eclectic destination that manages to be both worldly and quaint at the same time.

See the 1, 2 and 3 night suggested Lexington itineraries below. Look to the left to find even more suggested itineraries.


1 Night
A great one-night itinerary for travelers with young sightseers. DAY 1 AFTERNOON. The Kentucky Horse Park thrills all ages, and youngsters will particularly enjoy the interactive exhibits. This could be a full day of fun; start as early as you can! It's even possible to do a little horse back, or "pony"back, riding most of the.... more
Barn and Carriage
2 Night
A nicely varied two-night itinerary for those who want to see a lot in a short time. DAY 1 AFTERNOON. Begin with the Kentucky Horse Park, one of the state's most popular attractions. It's over 1,200 acres of exhibits, museums, pastures, and competition facilities. Right next door is the American Saddlebred Museum, which explores the.... more
McConnel Springs
3 Night
Explore the land, relics and sites that reflect the deep traditions of the Bluegrass. DAY 1 AFTERNOON. Go to the actual spot where Lexington began - McConnell Springs. This 26-acre park offers trails and a visitors center. After hearing of the first battle of the American Revolution, frontiersmen who camped at this natural spring in 1775.... more