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Social Media Tips

We all know how important it is to have a presence on social media platforms.  We've compiled some suggested posts for Facebook and Twitter that you may use to promote your meeting and build attendance. We even created a gallery of images that you can download to complement your posts.

Click on the subject that you want to share with your attendees.  Create a post by cutting and pasting our text, or just use our words for inspiration. The suggested images can be dowloaded from this link:

 Horses Bourbon  Beer  Culinary History
 Arts and Culture  Music  Shopping  Accolades  Getting There


1. We are heading to The Horse Capital of the World for (insert meeting name) and there is no exaggeration to that title. Check out this guide and see for yourself. Link to:
2. Lexington, KY is home to one of the most beautiful racecourses in the world, Keeneland! Their staff has put together a list of the must-do's during your visit. While in town, head out to this National Historic Landmark and check them off! Link to:
3. Have you seen the movie Seabiscuit? During (insert meeting name), you can meet the horse cast in the movie as well as other celebrity horses that have retired at Old Friends. Just a short-scenic drive from downtown Lexington. Link to:
1. There are about 150 horse farms in Lexington. Which one are you visiting during #insertgrouphashtag #sharethelex Link to: Suggested image: 115-3-16907 Horse and foal running toward camera
2. On horseback or on foot, explore the Kentucky Horse Park during #insertgrouphashtag #sharethelex Link to: Suggested image: 115-3-11146 Two horses grazing under tree.
3. During #insertgrouphashtag head to Keeneland, for a day at the races #sharethelex Link Suggested image: 115-3-11318 Horse race-blue sky, white clouds (Note that race meets are in April and October; grounds are open year round)


1. Kentucky is home to at least 95% of the world's bourbon and we will be in the heart of it all for (insert meeting name). Nine distilleries are within 30 minutes of downtown Lexington. Looking to visit one with fellow attendees? Check out this guide: Link to:  Suggested image: 115-3-16891 Women standing over vat in distillery
2. According to Conde Nast Traveler, 2 of the 5 essential stops on Kentucky's bourbon trail craft tour are right where we are headed for the (insert meeting name). Check them out with fellow attendees. Link to:
3. (insert meeting name) is being held in the heart of Bourbon Country. How are you going to be checking off your ‘bourbon to-do's' while in town? Link to:
1. Hey #insertgrouphashtag After the meeting you can tour world-class bourbon distilleries #sharethelex Link to: Suggested image: 115-3-16891 One man, four women on Bourbon tour
2. #insertgrouphashtag is headed to the unofficial ‘Best place in America to grab a drink." Find out why #sharethelex Link to: Suggested image: 115-3-15396 Bourbon in glass on a bar
3. Is a bourbon vacation on your bucket list? Check it off during the #insertgrouphastag meeting #sharethelex Link to: Suggested image:115-3-13997 Bourbon barrels


1. If you like beer, you'll love Lexington, KY! They even have their own trail dedicated to their local craft beers. Hop on it while you're in town. Here's the list: Link to: Suggested image: 115-3-13921 Beer glass with Brewgrass Trail logo
2. Beer and bourbon, bourbon and beer, either way, they pair nicely! During the meeting you won't have to venture far to discover this. Link to:
3. Southern Living made a list of "5 Boozy Trails in the South's Best Cities" and Lexington, KY is one of them. Hop on that trail while in town for (insert meeting name). Link to: 115-3-13921 Suggested dimage: Beer glass with Brewgrass Trail logo
1. When it comes to local beer, Lexington crafts the best. Plan your first brew stop after #insertgrouphashtag #sharethelex Link to: Suggested image: 115-3-1805 Woman in blue shirt pouring beer.
2. If you like beer you'll love where we are going for #insertgrouphashtag #sharethelex Link to: Suggested image: 115-3-10035 People at a table, beer glass
3. Grab a brew during #insertgrouphashtag There's a trail for that! #sharethelex Link to: Suggested image: 115-3-16917 Three beers on wooden holder.


1. Lexington, KY has over 150 local restaurants ready for you to experience during the (insert meeting name). Check them out in this local dining guide: Link to:
2. Make your way to Jefferson Street while in town for (insert meeting name). With around a dozen bars and restaurants why pick just one? Start with drinks, move on for dinner and pick another for dessert! Link to:
3. Tony's of Lexington is one of the hottest restaurants in America according to OpenTable. Check it out during (insert group name). Link to: Suggested image: 115-3-15821 Four people dining, white tablecloth.
1. Eat like a local during #insertgrouphashtag Flag this dining guide to find your favorite #sharethelex Link to: Suggested image: 115-3-16995 Beyond Grits dining guide cover
2. The Distillery District is where it's at! Located right downtown, grab a drink or a bite, or both after #insertgrouphashtag. #sharethelex Suggested image: 115-3-15808 People sitting at picnic table, outside at night
3. Southern Living named Dudley's on Short the best restaurant in Kentucky, see for yourself during #insertgrouphashtag #sharethelex Link to: Suggested image: 115-3-17030 food on table with floral centerpiece


1. If you love history, you'll love where we are going! (Insert meeting name) is being held in a city rich with history and stories waiting to be discovered by you and fellow attendees. Check out this guide on things to do while in Lexington, KY. Link to:
2. Lexington, KY was one of the largest and wealthiest towns west of the Alleghenies by 1820. Experience some of that with a stroll back in time in Gratz Park, Lexington's poshest neighborhood of the early 1800s; still a scenic and charming place to live. Suggested image: 115-3-17002 Pink and blue house.
3. While in Lexington for (insert meeting name) explore McConnell Springs, the 26-acre natural area where the city was named. Link to:
1. During #insertgrouphashtag see how Kentucky's first millionaire lived. #sharethelex Link to: Suggested image: 115-3-16659 Red brick house by Paul Atkinson.
2. Get a group together after #insertgrouphashtag to tour the childhood home of Mary Todd Lincoln. #sharethelex Link to: Suggested image: 115-3-15237 Brick house with street in foreground
3. Hey #insertgrouphashtag visit the home of The Great Compromiser, Henry Clay. #sharethelex Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-12869 Large brick house with lawn in forground.

Arts and Culture

1. Lexington may be most famous for horses and bourbon but would you believe they have enchanting gardens and inspiring architecture as well? See for yourself during (insert meeting name). Link to:
2. The arts scene in Lexington is one that is surprising to many, and it will make for a great night after (insert meeting name). Wind down with a performance or stroll through the galleries. Link to:
3. Nothing says charm and sophistication like The Ashland Park neighborhood in Lexington, KY. During (insert meeting name) use this local guide and find out the best way to experience this awesome area of town with fellow attendees. Link to:
1. Get a group together, enjoy a scenic drive and explore Shaker Village during #insertgrouphashtag #sharethlex  Link to: Suggested photo:  115-3-13992 Man in workshop
2. Hey #insertgrouphashtag check out Lexington's art scene. You'll be pleasantly surprised. #sharethelex Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-16686 Two pieces of art on wall
3. Hey #insertgrouphashtag if you like challenges, you should attempt the mural challenge. #sharethelex Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-17223 Abe Lincoln mural.


1. Calling all live music lovers! Lexington has put together a guide on the hottest live music scenes for you to enjoy during (insert meeting name). Link to:
2. (Insert meeting name) is taking place in the heart of the Bluegrass Region, where Bluegrass music isn't hard to find. Round up a group and check out one of these spots for a live performance. Link to:
3. The Burl, Lexington's newest music venue, is waiting for you to join all the live music fun during (insert group name). Enjoy local and national performers in the beautiful restored train depot. Link to:
1. Lexington, KY knows Bluegrass music! Use this guide and catch a performance during #insertgrouphashtag #sharethelex Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-12344 Group in circle playing music.
2. Lexington and live music go hand-in-hand. Find a spot to go to during #insertgrouphashtag #sharethelex Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-12426 Woman with hat at mic.
3. Celebrate Americana music during #insertgrouphashtag with an internationally live-taped show #WoodSongs #sharethelex Link to: Suggested photo:  115-3-2953 Man on stage with guitar.


1. Don't go home empty-handed! Before leaving (insert meeting name) seek a shop out of this guide so you can take a little piece of Lexington back home with you. Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-17003 Woman looking at clothes
2. Join the locals and shop like a Lexingtonian during (insert meeting name). They have shared an insider's guide on all the ‘must-shop' spots in town. Link to:
3. During (insert meeting name) make your way to Clay Avenue for some retail therapy in unique and local boutiques. Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-15800 Woman in dress looking through clothes
1. Don't leave #insertgrouphashtag without a little piece of Lexington to take back home. #sharethelex Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-17021 Woman holding Maker's Mark
2. Hey #insertgrouphashtag the Lexington locals know how to shop & they've given us an insider's guide #sharethelex Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-17003 Woman looking at clothes
3. During # insertgrouphashtag take part in some retail therapy on Clay Ave. #sharethelex Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-15801 Close-up of shoes, lady in green dress in background


1. We are going to one of the Most Scenic Towns in North America according to Car Rental and we can't wait! Share your scenic pictures with #sharethelex while in town for (insert meeting name). Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-16909 Corvette on backroad, horses to the left
2. Lexington, KY is a member of The Meetings and Conventions Magazine Hall of Fame for Gold Service Awards and for good reason. The city's hospitality is unmatchable and they are ready for (insert meeting name). Suggested photo: 115-3-16904 Lexington skyline at night
3. "Nobody does bourbon and racehorses like Lexington, KY." - Conde Nast Traveler. Experience it for yourself during (insert meeting name).  Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-11321 Woman at Keeneland enjoying a drink with a friend
1. Lexington made Gear Patrol's "25 Best Places to Travel in 2017." Can't wait to be there for #insertgrouphashtag #sharethelex Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-16907 Horses walking towards camera; mom and baby leading group
2. Getting around Lexington for #insertgrouphashtag is cake. Wallet Hub's #5 Best Run Cities in 2017. #sharethelex Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-14334 Downtown at dusk, in front of hotel
3. Hey #insertgrouphashtag we're heading to the 2016 #2 Most Charitable City in America. #sharethelex Link to: Suggested photo: 115-3-16905 Lexington skyline at dusk

Getting There 

1. Hey (insert meeting name), getting to Lexington is super easy. It's leaving that's hard. Lexington is within a day's drive of two-thirds of the U.S. population. Located at the crossroads of Interstates 75 & 64. Suggested photo: 115-3-16904 Lexington skyline at night
2. Are you arriving in Lexington by air for the (insert meeting name)? You will be welcomed into the Horse Capital of the World by one of the most beautiful airport approaches in the country. Suggested photo: 115-3-1609 Aerial of Horse Farm
1. Hey #insertgrouphashtag, fly into Lexington. The airport is located 10 minutes from downtown. #sharethelex Suggested photo:  115-3-1609 Aerial of Horse Farm
2. #insertgrouphashtag is headed to Lexington, KY! Located at the crossroads of Interstates 75 & 64. It's super easy to get to. #sharethelex Suggested photo: 115-3-16905 Lexington skyline at dusk