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James Burnie Beck

by Stuart, History Blogger

During the 19th century, the Scottish-born James B. Beck was a Lexington lawyer and a respected national politician.

Born in Dumfrieshire, Scotland, on February 13, 1822, Beck received his early ...


Link, the Percheron

by Margaret, Horse Blogger

HORSES, HORSES This handsome horse is Link, who is new to theBreeds Barn at the Kentucky Horse Park this year.

Link, who stands about 18 hands tall, is a Percheron, whichis one of the breeds of the ...


Accident or Murder?

by Stuart, History Blogger

In 1854, a New York Times article described the death of Lexington resident James O. Frazer. Although Frazer's demise appeared to be accidental, both Frazer's wife and his overseer were later ...


Convention Calendar

Here are the meetings and conventions that have been booked through VisitLEX, or have been reported to us for servicing.* This is "real time" data from our database. The default view is the current month, but you can search for any date range.

For more information, you may call Bond Jacobs, Director of Convention Services, at (800) 848-1224 during regular business hours, Eastern time.

VistLEX also maintains a "Reported Meeting Attendance Summary". To see this estimate of occupied rooms and city-wide attendance in PDF format, click here. The Summary is updated frequently and does include occupied rooms and expected attendance for meetings that were reported as "confidential".  

Convention Calendar
Commonwealth Soccer Club
2016 Rise Soccer Tournament
Number of Attendees: 500
Blocked Rooms Dates: 12/02/2016 - 12/05/2016
Selected Hotels:
Hampton Inn Medical Center/UK
Hilton Lexington Suites
TownePlace Suites by Marriott
 *Not all conventions and meetings are reflected in this calendar. This Convention Calendar includes meetings and conventions that have been booked through the VisitLEX (the Lexington Convention and Visitors Bureau), or have been reported to VisitLEX for servicing. Many of the conventions and meetings booked directly by a hotel are not listed here, including meetings the hotels have chosen to keep confidential.