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Blue Stallion Brewing Announces Expansion and Beer Distribution

Published: 01/14/2014

LEXINGTON, Kentucky,  - Six months after opening the doors for business, Blue Stallion Brewing Co. is in the midst of their first brewery expansion. The project will add enough cooler storage capacity to begin distribution of beer to the surrounding region in February.

The expansion will add a 367 sq. ft. cooler in the brewery portion of the building. Currently, the only cooler servicing the brewery is the one behind the bar and at only 190 sq. ft. it's barely large enough to handle the demand for kegs in the taproom.

"The size of our current cooler is the biggest bottleneck we face with beer production. We'll no longer have to keep finished beer in the conditioning tanks simply because we don't have room to store the kegs. This new cooler will triple our current cold room capacity" says co-owner Xavier Donnelly.

Completion of the new cooler is planned for the end of January. It will allow Blue Stallion to begin distributing beer to local restaurants and bars in early February.

Co-owner Kore Donnelly adds, "We're ready to start distributing our beer in the market place and we're excited the new cooler will make that happen. We started conversations with some local establishments and our distributor and the demand is there. Once it's finished, we'll be able to meet that demand."

The owners plan to begin distribution with four of the brewery's most popular beer styles: Hefeweizen, German Pilsner, Helles and Munich Dunkel. Distribution will start with roughly 7 barrels of beer (14 kegs) per week and grow from there. Seasonal and limited release beers, like Blue Stallion's Smoked Lager, will also see distribution.

Establishments serving Blue Stallion beer will be listed on the company's website.

About Blue Stallion Brewing

Established in 2012, Blue Stallion Brewing Co. opened the doors to its production brewery and tasting room on July 17, 2013. The facility is located at 610 W. Third St. in downtown Lexington, KY. The tasting room houses a bar and lounge, complete with pool table, mezzanine, dart boards and patio. Blue Stallion specializes in traditional German style lagers and British style ales, which tend to be lighter and less hop-heavy than some American style craft beers. The brewery was founded by five co-owners: brothers Kore, Xavier and Zac Donnelly along with Jim Clemons and Nico Schulz.


Kore Donnelly
610 W. Third St.Lexington, KY 40508