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Mobile Applications

If you are on a "smart" phone, you'll automatically be re-directed to the .mobi version of our website when you go to Browse attractions, restaurants, hotels, the Events Calendar, photos and more. Our mobile site is equipped with geo-location, so be sure you have location services turned on when you get to Lexington, not just for your phone, but also within the web browser that you use on your phone. Then you can view listings and sort by "nearest me" and also get driving directions. Super cool, right?

The Inquisitive Walker's Tour of Lexington's Downtown Architecture

If you love architecture, you will want to download this free app. Developed by Richard Greissman and Karl Raitz, this walking tour currently features in-depth information on thirteen buildings near, and including, Fayette County's Old Courthouse. Also known as the "Lex Arch" tour, this project was funded primarily by the mayor's office and VisitLEX, to make sure that it is accessible to citizens and visitors alike. Enjoy photography, text and audio demonstrating many facets of each building's design, construction and purpose.

Android Version

iPhone Version